'X-Men' News

Ben Foster Joins X-Men 3

Play the mutant Archangel, 'Angel,' in the film.

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Your First Look at the X-Men 3 Teaser Poster!

Sharpen your claws. May 26th, 2006 is around the corner.

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Casting Call for X-Men 3

A recap of the recent Canadian event.

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Brett Ratner confirmed to direct X-Men 3

Replacing director Matthew Vaughn.

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John Moore or Brett Ratner up for directing X-Men 3?

New rumors hit the net from 'inside' sources.

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Matthew Vaughn steps down as director on X-Men 3

The sequel once again left without a director.

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Kelsey Grammer is 'Beast', Vinnie Jones is 'Juggernaut' in X-Men 3

Maggie Grace in talks to play 'Kitty Pryde.'

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Director Matthew Vaughn talks Layer Cake and X-Men 3

He produces, directs, and still has the time to be Claudia Schiffer's husband...

Julian Roman

Vinnie Jones confirmed for X-Men 3

...playing 'Juggernaut' in the film

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Hugh Jackman and Famke Janssen set for X-Men 3

...no official word on Halle Berry, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart

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Matthew Vaughn enlisted to direct X-Men 3

...the project begins filming in mid-July

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Matthew Vaughn set to helm X-Men 3

...the Layer Cake director takes over for Bryan Singer

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Famke Janssen is still onboard X-Men 3

...the actress confirms her role

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Alan Cumming on X-Men 3!

...looking forward to a new director

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Simon Kinberg to script X-Men 3

...20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios are moving forward with the third installment of the series

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X-3 in the works?

X-Men Directory Bryan Singer sets-up shop at 20th Century Fox

Justin Case

CONTEST: We're giving away X2 DVDs!

...plus "The Art Of X2" books!

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Tons of X-2 deleted scenes online!

Anticipating the November 25th DVD release...

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X-2: X-MEN UNITED specs!

The Mutants are coming home...

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X-2 Storyboards now online!

Sketching up some of the biggest movies of the year...

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