Movie PictureFirst off, Brian wanted me to slap a huge thanks on the forehead of {0} for telling the world that {1} truly is the best

For all those anime people out there: The special limited edition 2 DVD metal box set of Akira is hitting shelves Tuesday! Also coming out: The VHS and regular DVD versions of the ultra violent 1988 super cartoon. Go grab one before it's too late, some video stores have already sold out solely through reservations!

Movie PictureMovies! And a guy who talks really fast! Surrender 60 seconds of your otherwise content life to see what movies are really worth spending your $9 on by {5}! Speaking of {6}, be sure to check out everyone's favorite hyperactive film critic's experience as an extra in upcoming boxing epic, {7}! The report is old but after seeing a pretty damn cool {8} for the flick you can't help but to reminisce about old times. Check out the brand new {9}. All you hafta do is {10}.Coming Soon: A look at movie sites, Death's End Episode 1 and naked pictures of your mom! Watch out! {11}