According to a recent article in Variety, MGM's remaining projects will fall into Sony's hands, though at this point Sony has not firmed up a structure for the new merged entity, under which MGM may co-produce pictures.

MGM confirmed that the studio's top -- and presumably last -- films as an independent studio are Breaking Vegas, which Brett Ratner is attached to direct; Blood and Chocolate, a horror film Katja Von Garnier is directing; Yours, Mine and Ours, a comedy remake starring Dennis Quaid that Raja Gosnell is helming; and the next James Bond pic.

Even with the studio's backing, however, it is not certain all the films will get made.

One title that is on many fans minds is the next James Bond film. As the article reports, Sony will likely produce the film even if it does not come together before the buyout, but the new 007 has still not been chosen.