10 Cloverfield Lane was highly anticipated upon its arrival, even though fans knew that it was not going to be a direct sequel to the first movie. That being said, the ending was a perfect time to bring back the Cloverfield monster to loosely tie things together. Instead, fans were treated to alien ships, which just didn't make any sense and could have gone a long way in connecting all three of the movies. That's all changed now, thanks to an awesome fan-made ending that brings the Cloverfield monster back, tying all three movies together.

Viewers of 10 Cloverfield Lane were shocked to see alien ships flying around at the end of the movie as Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Michelle character traveled to help in Houston. The ending was pretty underwhelming to say the least and that's why the new fan-made ending fixes everything. Not only does the alternate ending fix 10 Cloverfield Lane and make it more cohesive, it also firmly establishes the movie within the other two that have been released, which is very satisfying.

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10 Cloverfield Lane instantly distanced itself from Matt Reeves' first found-footage style movie and instead went for a third-person narrative. The movie was generally well received amongst critics upon its release and it earned over $110 million worldwide at the box office. But fans were left out in the cold after the thrill of the monster in the first movie and were thrown by the addition of aliens at the last minute. So, when the announcement that a third Cloverfield movie was in the works, fans got extremely excited at the prospect of a third movie tying everything together.

Cloverfield 3 was first known as the God Particle and it was first teased in 2012 when J.J. Abrams spoke about a possible Cloverfield universe. After many delays, the movie was bought from Paramount by Netflix, who paid over $50 million for the movie that Abrams called a "spiritual sequel" to the first movie. It was officially titled The Cloverfield Paradox and was secretly released by Netflix on Super Bowl Sunday, just a few weeks ago. The third installment was generally well received, but definitely not as well as the first movie or even 10 Cloverfield Lane, for that matter. Even still, the movie generated over 5 million views in its first 7 days on the streaming platform.

Technology has gotten so good that even amateur filmmakers are able to take a Hollywood movie and "fix it." 10 Cloverfield Lane now fits in with the rest of the movies and no longer sticks out like a sore thumb thanks to some hours put in by YouTuber ToolBrowny. While we wait for Cloverfield 4, which is due out in October, you can check out the new fan-made ending of 10 Cloverfield Lane below, thanks to the hard work of the ToolBrowny YouTube channel.