Last month, the always-mysterious folks at Bad Robot unleashed the first trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane, which had previously been entitled Valencia and The Cellar. Fans were already buzzing about whether or not this was a sequel to the 2008 Bad Robot movie Cloverfield, but it is instead believed to be part of an anthology series set in that same universe. Aside from the trailer, Paramount has already launched a viral marketing campaign, which continues today with the launch of a new site entitled, which includes a text-based survival simulation.

The website was first discovered last week, which includes a number of messages from Howard Stambler (John Goodman) to his daughter Megan, who he's trying to communicate with through encoded messages. The site was updated earlier today to include this survival simulation, in the form of a text-based game not unlike old retro classics like Oregon Trail. Here's the message Howard left for his daughter about this simulator.

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"Life inside a bunker is going to be a challenge. Especially since we have to stay down there for a few years. It's important to be prepared - not just with supplies and gear, but with the knowledge of what to do once you're down there. It's going to be a different kind of living, with no room for mistakes. I made something to help you get ready. It may just feel like a little game, but it contains a lot of important information to help you learn what it'll take to survive. I hope you learn quickly from it. Love, Dad."

The simulator can be set up for anywhere up to four people who will be living in this bunker, showing how much supplies are available and even featuring jobs for each person to do, in order to ensure their survival. The jobs include servicing and refilling the generator, administering first aid, servicing and replacing the air filter, maintain aquaponic fish, cleaning the shelter and even playing board games. Once you have configured the simulation, you can see how long each member of the bunker will survive under these conditions.

You can visit to play this simulation, and to see all of Howard's messages to his daughter so far. With just a few weeks left until 10 Cloverfield Lane hits theaters, there should be more viral surprises in store for fans. What do you think about this simulation? How many days could you survive in a bunker?