The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con was nothing if not a cavalcade of breaking news stories every 5 seconds. One thing we have learned is that there are neat scoops and then there is shocking news that breaks open the universe. While some people might have thought a Phineas and Ferb/Star Wars mash-up being announced was kinda cool, it certainly pales in comparison to the bombastic call that Batman is joining Superman in Man of Steel 2: Batman Vs. Superman, or even getting our first look at the new Godzilla footage.

It is with this in mind that we have attempted to boil down all of the Comic-Con 2013 hullaballoo that shocked and shook the fanboy world of geek entertainment. Here our 10 biggest stories coming out of The CON!

1 Batman Vs. Superman in Man of Steel 2

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Man of Steel 2; batman vs Superman

What made this announcement so important wasn't just the fact that this was the first time these characters will be paired up in a live action film, it was the fact that in this day and age of everything being available online... It wasn't leaked before Comic-Con. Sure, there may have been some sensationalized speculation here and there, that's what internet journalism does best, but once Warner Bros. made Man of Steel 2's new addition official, short of George Lucas returning to the director's chair for Star Wars: Episode VII, there was no bigger story in San Diego. /comic-con-2013-batman-and-superman-man-of-steel-2-logo-revealed-team-up-officially-announced/CLICK HERE

2Marvel's The Avengers Sequel Officially Titled The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers The Age of Ultron

When you have the third highest grossing film of 2012 making an announcement, it would be crazy to think that it wouldn't resonate with a ton of people. When said film finally has a title that people can now debate, dissect, and research, said announcement soon takes on the level of an event. The Avengers 2 is now called The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Is this a good title? Is it too revealing? Why is the franchise going in this direction? All of this is grist for the mill, but when you realize that the franchise is centering itself around a robot who is hellbent on eradicating humanity, you know The Avengers: Age of Ultron is going to once again straddle the human and superhuman worlds in the brilliant way we've become accustomed. /comic-con-2013-the-avengers-2-officially-titled-the-avengers-age-of-ultron/CLICK HERE

3 The Death of A Griffin Family Member in Family Guy Season 12

Family Guy Season 12

When Family Guy Executive Producer Steve Callaghan announced that one of the 6 main characters on the show was going to die, the audience didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or if Callaghan was serious. One thing was certain, this created endless anticipation for who we might see go. Would it be Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Brian, or Stewie? Considering that this show has been on the air steadily since 2003, losing a family member after all this time is pretty darn important. Also, when was the last time that an animated TV show created this much anticipation? The Simpsons may hold the title for longevity, but we knew for sure that Lisa, Bart, Marge, Homer or Maggie ain't gonna kick the bucket. The Family Guy is upping the ante and it's destination might be oblivion. /comic-con-2013-watch-the-family-guy-season-12-panel-and-trailer/CLICK HERE

4 Wolverine is the Time Traveler in X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men Days of Future Past

After much debate about which character would in fact traverse the Marvel mutiverse, this question finally got answered when it was revealed that it would be Wolverine. Sure, Kitty Pryde originally did it in the comic, but this is Hollywood so why have her do it when you can have a character as bankable as Wolverine on hand? Considering that this film is a sequel to the X-Men: First Class, it is even more important that Wolverine has been the one chosen for this mission. In his effort to alter a major historical event, this character has to straddle both worlds as his actions will effect both man and mutant alike. Just when it seems like this franchise might be being usurped by all the hoopla surrounding Man of Steel 2 and The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the X-Men shoulder their way into our consciousness and refuse to be forgotten. /comic-con-2013-watch-the-full-x-men-days-of-future-past-panel/CLICK HERE

5Godzilla Will Battle Multiple Monsters


It wasn't enough that Godzilla showed up and looked positively awesome. The creature details shown were just mind-blowing and this film seems hellbent on taking CGI to another level. The really big news is that it isn't us vs. the radioactive mutated lizard, but rather Godzilla battling other mutants in battle royale-like fashion! One of which is being described as "a large Kaiju with insect-like arms"! The goal with this reboot seems to be Godzilla playing a good guy much like the amphibian was in the cartoon series and later movies. All of this talk makes one wonder about Godzooky, which hopefully won't breath any radioactive fire until the sequel. /comic-con-2013-godzilla-to-battle-multiple-monsters/CLICK HERE

6Thor Loses His Hand in Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World

Thor is the embodiment of the manly man. He is an iconic representation of all that men aspire to be (at least that's what we're told, right?). So what better way to emasculate him that have him lose his ability to pick up the Mjolnir in Thor: The Dark World? Sure, he has another hand, and as much as we like to see our superheroes put in danger, we really don't want to see anything too bad happen to them, right? So it was quite a shock when the audience at the 2013 Comic-Con realized that this "God" might be more human then they thought. And least you think this is a spoiler, its not when they show it as the centerpiece of a trailer atr Comic-Con./comic-con-2013-watch-the-entire-marvel-studios-panel/CLICK HERE

7 Thanos Will Return in Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

Initially appearing at the end of Marvel's The Avengers, it was widely believed that evil doer Thanos would be the villain top-lining that spot in the sequel. Well, Ultron ultimately took that perch, but Marvel continued to surprise everybody when it was announced that Thanos would next rear his ugly head in Guardians of the Galaxy. The best part? Thanos looks to be headed for more movies which totally shakes up what many thought Marvel would do with all of these Phase 2 films. However, as cool as this is, almost eclipsing that is how well received the brief bit of footage was that people were shown at the Con. In fact, some people online got so into this that they felt like they had to form an allegiance with either The Avengers or Guardians camps. Others are sure that the inclusion of the nefarious Rocket Raccoon will steal the show. Big story? Indeed. /comic-con-2013-thanos-will-next-return-in-guardians-of-the-galaxy/CLICK HERE

8 A Dredd 3D Sequel is Still in the Works

Dredd 3D 2

While Dredd 3D was on life support when it initially came out, it has found a new life on home video. This fact was not lost on the film's star Karl Urban and at Comic-Con last week, he said that it is quite possible that this could be what's needed for the first film to get a sequel. So... what might another film have in store for the baddest street judge in Mega City One? Could we see this character travel to other parts of the Cursed Earth? Might the almighty Judge leaves earth altogether? Urban made news simply by stating he hopes there's a sequel. Time will tell if his sentiments are executed or cause for a mistrial. /dredd-3d-sequel-petition-launches-online/CLICK HERE

9 Marc Webb is Bringing Gentleman and Sinister 6 to The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Amazing Spider-Man 3

When The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb dropped a "tidbit" that a possible villain in the 3rd or 4th film in the Spider-Man franchise might be The Gentleman, this was all fans needed to get themselves salivating. As the backer of the Sinister 6, The Gentleman assembled a "who's who" of bad guys to take out Peter Parker. By casting him as the villain, this could potentially take these films in a potentially more cerebral direction. Some have also speculated that The Gentleman might play a stand alone villain and it would be interesting to see what tricks he alone uses to upend our webbed hero. Now, let the casting speculations begin!/comic-con-2013-marc-webb-teases-the-sinister-six-in-the-amazing-spider-man-3/CLICK HERE

10George A. Romero's 3D Conversion of Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead in 3D

There are some films that should be in 3D and many others that shouldn't. It would be a crime if, with how incredible that technology has become, certain old movies weren't taken and given a 3D makeover. As a film that embodies the true spirit of what Comic-Con is, it was heartening to hear the 3D conversion of George A. RomeroDawn Of The Dead is in its final stages. Costing almost 10 times more than the original cost to get in the can, one can only imagine how the iconic zombies, rhythmic storytelling, and practical gore effects are going to translate to the third dimension. /comic-con-2013-george-a-romeros-dawn-of-the-dead-gets-a-3d-conversion/CLICK HERE

What were your Comic-Con 2013 stories? Did we miss anything? Are we out of touch or right where you want us to be? Let us know, but be nice about it.

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