The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con was nothing if not a cavalcade of breaking news stories every 5 seconds. One thing we have learned is that there are neat scoops and then there is shocking news that breaks open the universe. While some people might have thought a Phineas and Ferb/Star Wars mash-up being announced was kinda cool, it certainly pales in comparison to the bombastic call that Batman is joining Superman in Man of Steel 2: Batman Vs. Superman, or even getting our first look at the new Godzilla footage.

It is with this in mind that we have attempted to boil down all of the Comic-Con 2013 hullaballoo that shocked and shook the fanboy world of geek entertainment. Here our 10 biggest stories coming out of The CON!

1 Batman Vs. Superman in Man of Steel 2

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Man of Steel 2; batman vs Superman

What made this announcement so important wasn't just the fact that this was the first time these characters will be paired up in a live action film, it was the fact that in this day and age of everything being available online... It wasn't leaked before Comic-Con. Sure, there may have been some sensationalized speculation here and there, that's what internet journalism does best, but once Warner Bros. made Man of Steel 2's new addition official, short of George Lucas returning to the director's chair for Star Wars: Episode VII, there was no bigger story in San Diego. /comic-con-2013-batman-and-superman-man-of-steel-2-logo-revealed-team-up-officially-announced/CLICK HERE

What were your Comic-Con 2013 stories? Did we miss anything? Are we out of touch or right where you want us to be? Let us know, but be nice about it.

Evan Jacobs