Coming to DVD on April 5th, comicbook fan favorite, Elektra, comes kicking her way into DVD stores everywhere!

In anticipation of this release, Fox Home Entertainment has provided MovieWeb with 10 clips from the upcoming disc.

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CLICK HERE for a closer look at these new clips! As well, stay tuned for your chance to win a copy of the DVD for yourself.

Jennifer Garner returns as Elektra, a hard core, mysterious and sexy action hero fighting the ultimate battle between good and evil. From the creators of X-Men and Daredevil, Elektra bursts from the pages of Marvel Comics and onto DVD April 5 from Fox Home Entertainment. Armed with a blood lust, formidable martial arts skills and an uncanny ability to see visions of the future, Elektra (Garner) becomes a ruthless assassin on a downward spiral into darkness… but she meets up with a last chance for redemption that will either save her soul or destroy her. She died once before and was restored to life; will she have the strength to make her second chance count? The DVD is offered in pan & scan or widescreen and features three deleted scenes; a Making Of Elektra featurette and four Inside The Editing Room featurettes; teaser, theatrical and soundtrack trailers; trailers for TV shows “Family Guy” and “American Dad”; the Elektra presentation from the San Diego Comic-Con; and exclusive Inside Looks into the upcoming The Fantastic Four and Mr. & Mrs. Smith and more for a suggested retail price of $29.98 U.S./$41.98 Canada. Elektra will also be available on rental VHS.