We've got 10 new clips from the upcoming release of the X-Files Mythology - Abduction DVD, which sets out to bring you deep inside the continuing storyline of alien abduction on the show.

CLICK HERE to access 10 behind-the-scenes clips from the DVD set, in which many of the show's creators reveal their motivation for such a broad plotline.

Enter the fascinating world of THE X-FILES with the first three seasons of the award-winning TV series, which ran for a remarkable nine seasons, remaining an audience favorite throughout its long tenure on the air. Created by Chris Carter, the show starred David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, assigned to investigate the FBI's unsolved mysteries of a paranormal persuasion. Mulder is a believer in the supernatural as a result of an "encounter" he had as a child, while Scully's rational mind prefers to look for scientific explanations. The show's fantastical plotlines, however, are soon disclosing evidence of aliens, ghosts, mutants, and government conspiracies at every turn, and the X-Files team is charged with finding the common threads throughout. This in spite of the fact that their project is given little respect at home base, where they are regarded by many as crackpot detectives. In the first 16 episodes, viewers can follow the complex mythology that constitutes the shadowy world of THE X-FILES, augmented in this collection by extensive commentary from Chris Carter, and part one of the documentary THREADS OF MYTHOLOGY. Episodes include "Deep Throat," "Little Green Men," "Red Museum," and "Anasazi."