Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon star in the upcoming dramatic thriller Mud from Take Shelter director Jeff Nichols. Already a favorite on the festival circuit, this edgy adventure follows two teenage boys, Ellis (Tye Sheridan) and Neckbone (Jacob Lofland), who discover a fugitive from the law named Mud (McConaughey) hiding out on a small island in the Mississippi. Mud mesmerizes the youngsters with his fantastic yarn about the man he killed in Texas, and the bounty hunters that are now hot on his trail. The two boys soon learn that Mud plans to meet with his former lover, Juniper (Witherspoon), and escape into the sunset. While skeptical, Ellis and Neckbone decide to help the killer meet up with Juniper, only to find themselves trapped in a dangerous and deadly struggle for survival. In the end, its love that saves the day.

In theaters April 26, we've culled together 11 awesome movies that will get you in the mood for Mud. Check out these titles, which combine fugitives, adventurous kids, bounty hunters, and the eternal search for love in no particular order.

1 Kalifornia (1993)

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Young love never looked this muddy. In his first truly gritty role, heartthrob Brad Pitt broke free from his Tiger Beat image with this thriller about a young killer jumping parole to be with his equally dangerous true love, real-life girlfriend at the time, Juliette Lewis. Hoping to escape the clutches of the law, the pair decides to pose as a 'normal' couple looking for a free and breezy road trip. They tag team with a writer and a photographer (Michelle Forbes and David Duchovny) who are traversing America to visit the various landmarks of our most famous serial killers with the hopes of writing a novel. This quartet are bound (and gagged) for California, and along stretches of asphalt as bleak as a cold gray sky, the two yuppie artists soon find themselves in the midst of their own infamous murder spree. Bodies pile up as they all make their way down the interstate, but when that moment of truth finally comes for this mismatched pair of lovers, its that special kind of fugitive love the rules the day and wins the ultimate prize.

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