12 RoundsWhile it wasn't a pure knockout, a Fox action thriller scored the win on the home video charts for this past week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, 12 Rounds took the top spot on the national DVD sales charts for the week ending July 5.

The disc prevailed with a severe lack of competition, with the closest rival coming from Entourage: The Complete Fifth Season in second place, selling 87% as many units as 12 Rounds, even with a much higher price tag. It was said that 12 Rounds only sold a meager 150,000 copies to take the top spot on the charts.

The lack of competition allowed a holdover to reclaim the top spot on the rental charts, with Gran Torino reclaiming the top rental spot after taking fourth place last week. 12 Rounds debuted in second place in rentals.

12 Rounds did also manage to snag the top spot on the Blu-ray sales charts as well in its first week on the shelves.