Given her last name, you could say Deborah Voorhees was destined to have a career in horror movies. She became a favorite for fans of the genre beginning with her appearance in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning back in 1985, which featured a scene of her character being stabbed through both eyes with a pair of garden shears. In recent years, Voorhees has been working on her own independent films under her Voorhees Films banner, and her next project will have fans of the franchise excited. Called 13 Fanboy, the indie flick will tell the story of an obsessed fan stalking the stars of the Friday the 13th movie series, killing them in similar ways their characters were murdered by Jason Voorhees (and Roy Burns) on screen.

Written and directed by Friday the 13th: A New Beginning star Debi Sue Voorhees, this film will have no official connection whatsoever to the Friday the 13th series beyond featuring many of its fan favorite stars. The performers in the film will all be playing themselves, meaning the meta film will be set in the "real world." It's a concept that's especially terrifying for on-screen performers like Voorhees, whose inspiration comes from some unsettling messages she has received from horror fans in the past. It's frighteningly realistic, and at the same time, it's a brilliant way of bringing back so many fans of the series for a new film with the future of the Friday the 13th franchise still unclear.

As of right now, Voorhees has procured several names already to appear in the planned film. This includes C.J. Graham and Thom Mathews from Jason Lives, Part III's Tracie Savage, The Final Chapter's Judie Aronson, and Voorhees herself will be appearing along with A New Beginning co-star Ron Sloan. Also being recognized is the popular fan film sequel Never Hike Alone, whose director and Jason actor Vincente DiSanti will appear long with the movie's star, Andrew Leighty. Who lives and who dies from this bunch remains to be seen, but given what 13 Fanboy is about, it would seem things aren't looking too good for any of them.

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Recently, the news was announced that LeBron James is in talks to produce an all new reboot for Friday the 13th. However, with the legal battle over the rights continuing due to an appeal of the judge's recent ruling, it's hard to say how soon it will be before Jason is back on the big screen. With David Gordon Green's Halloween absolutely destroying the box office, there is tremendous interest from fans in seeing the resurrection of Jason as well. The goal of this passion project from Deborah Voorhees is to keep her fellow fans satiated until the Friday the 13th film series gets back on track.

13 Fanboy is seeking funding by way of launching an Indiegogo campaign, offering several options for perks at varying levels for donors. Depending on how much money is raised will determine how many franchise stars will show up in the film. Several more names are expected to be involved in some capacity, and Voorhees has even teased the introduction of a prominent final girl, so as long as the money raised for the budget will allow it. You can find out more info and check out the campaign over on Indiegogo.

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