This is where we start a war. We'll lose friends, and cause controversy. Because somewhere on this list below is something you're dying to see. In fact, you might be fanatical about some of these inclusions (Christopher Nolan fans, we're staring straight at you). But it's inevitable. And unavoidable. Hollywood is releasing hundreds of movies in 2014. Some of them will be good. Some of them will be bad. And some will be box office disasters. In compiling this list, we're not declaring that all, or even any, of these movies will be unwatchable. Some will be quite good. Maybe even a masterpiece or a classic in the making. There are a few that we're desperate to see ourselves. We really want them to succeed. But every movie here is a risk taker. And some of this shit? Hollywood should clearly know better. These are the 14 Biggest Potential Bombs of 2014.

1The Legend of Hercules

Hercules The Legend Begins

Release Date: January 10. Premise: Kellan Lutz stars as the mythological Demigod in this origin story that follows the young prince as he decides between fleeing with Crete Princess Hebe (Gaia Weiss ) for a romantic getaway, or fulfilling his often told destiny by overthrowing a hateful king and restoring peace to his land, which has been ravaged by hardship. Why It Will Bomb: There are two Hercules movies arriving in 2014, and generally, when two movies that are so similar get released within months of each other, the first one out of the gate is the bigger (not always better) film at the box office. That held true for 2013's Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down. Both movies were about the kidnapping of the President. Though White House Down had the more popular cast, and a better-known director in Roland Emmerich, it was Olympus Has Fallen, which opened three months earlier, that reigned as king at the box office. Despite opening 6 months before Hercules: The Thracian Wars, The Legend of Hercules might be the exception to the rule. Dwayne Johnson is the clear favorite in this race, while Kellan Lutz leads a second rate cast in what looks like a glorified sword and sandals diversion that wouldn't register high enough ratings if it debuted, unchanged, on the SyFy channel. It looks cheesy and cheap, and there's a reason why it's getting released in January. This is one instance where people are more likely to hold out for the bigger, better Hercules: The Thracian Wars. As long as a confusion between the two projects doesn't get in the way. Its quite possible that some people will show up for this expecting The Rock, instead getting the spec of dust that is Kellan Lutz. Mean? Maybe. What Our Community Has to Say: Mutant says, 'This film looks gay and dumb.' While RenOdc explains, 'With Renny Harlin directing, the chances of this sucking is extremely high.'

There you have it. Those are the riskiest movies in Hollywood. We'll see some, we'll hate others. And we'll be dead wrong at least once or twice. What's your take on 2014 and the potential for some of these movies to really bite the piss biscuit, hard? Do you agree to disagree?

B. Alan Orange