Even though The X-Men and Fantastic Four are going to be absorbed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe once Disney completes their purchase of Fox later this year, that Kitty Pryde movie called 143 is, at least for now, still happening. This information comes to us from comics legend Brian Michael Bendis, who was tapped by Fox to pen the screenplay for this not-so-secret X-Men spin-off centered on the fan-favorite mutant. The question is, will this movie ever actually see the light of day? Perhaps it would be wise not to bet on it.

That said, Brian Bendis recently took to Twitter to respond to a fan who was inquiring about the X-Men movie he's been writing. The project was known simply as 143, which likely refers to the Kitty Pryde-centric story in Uncanny X-Men Issue #143, which is a monster/horror story that takes place during Christmas. Bendis gave nothing in the way of details, but assured that he's still working on the script as we speak. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"Yeah, I'm working on it right now. It's vvvvvvvery surreal and delightful to be so deep inside the X mansion and the fortress of solitude at the same time."

As for that Fortress of Solitude comment, Brian Michael Bendis has been writing Superman comics for DC lately. But focusing on his X-Men comments, it's interesting for a few reasons. At the base level, Kitty Pryde, who was portrayed by Ellen Page on screen in several of the movies, is a very popular character that many would like to see get some significant screen time. Beyond that, the fact that Bendis is still working on this script, when projets like X-Force have wound up on the scrap heap in the wake of the merger, is interesting.

Fox has been in control of the X-Men on the big screen ever since the first movie debuted in 2000. Now that Disney has purchased 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios will be able to use those characters in the MCU. So, in theory, Wolverine could appear alongside Iron Man, for example. That means, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige will almost certainly do a hard reboot and take firm control of the franchise in the future. As such, we assume all of these projects in development will never get made. But perhaps this can be explained best by Nick Fury's quote from the beginning of The Avengers.

"Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on."

Those working for Fox in any capacity have to continue to operate until the Disney deal is good and truly done. For what it's worth Deadpool director Tim Miller is, or at least was, attached to direct this movie. He's currently finishing up Terminator 6, which arrives later this year. The Kitty Pryde movie does not have a release date set. Feel free to check out the post from Brian Michael Bendis' Twitter below.

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