Netflix is currently streaming some can't-miss horror movies for all you innocent kids out of school on summer vacation. There's nothing funner than sneaking a peek at the circus of terror that awaits on the popular streaming service while your parents are still hard at work! Don't have a job to pass away these next four months? We got you covered with 14 very scary fright flicks that you can watch right now! From mutant beavers to terrifying haints, there's something for everyone and even some stuff that's almost too hard to stomach. Take a look at all the horrifying, hell-raising movies now available at the simple push of the button!

1Zombeavers (2015)


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Enjoying a relaxed and romantic lakeside holiday, a gang of college students suddenly find themselves hunted by a pack of murderous un-dead beavers. Taking refuge in their rustic cabin, the terrified co-eds must fight tooth-and-claw to survive. Watch 'Zombeavers' Now!

B. Alan Orange