Thunderbirds: A slew of descriptions of some 15 seconds of footage from the upcoming Thunderbirds movie are roaming around the internet right now from people who saw 'BBC 1's Breakfast Show' in Europe last week.

Here's a description from a reader over at Latino Review:

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It starts of with a great shot of the Tracy Island, which looks more impressive than the one in the TV show. Where we see the 'Round House,' which is located on a small hill on the private island. The camera zooms to the Tracy Island's 'Round House', also very impressive, we see a great shot of Thunderbird 3 (it looks so real!) from below.

The launch starts.... here comes the new bit; unlike the TV show, where TB3 just blasts off through the Round house, the film version has TB3 blasting off while the Round house splits in to 3 parts!!! Giving TB3 more space to launch in to the heavens. The shot of TB3 launching to the heavens is quit impressive as well. From what I could see also from is that the clip is that the Tracy Island is much bigger than the TV show version. This short clip has some of the best, if not the best CG I've ever seen. The CG supervisor said that they had been working on the 15 -second clip for 6 months!

Here's a description from a reader over at Coming Soon!:

A reporter was in the offices where the CG was being done, which takes up 3 stories of the producers building.

The main feature in the preview was an exclusive clip of Thunderbird 3 launching from the new-look Tracey Island. Instead of coming out of the swimming pool, there was a large space-age looking structure which was like a huge ring being supported by long legs.....hope you get the idea. Anyway this stucture slowly 'opened up' to reveal Thunderbird 3 rocketing out, blasting into the sky giving a cool view of Tracey Island - the CG here was really mindblowing, I'd say this clip will appear in trailers. This 15 second clip took 6 months to make.

The rest of the feature was the reporter speaking to one of the chief programmers, and they discussed how the CG effects were made (eg the reflections on the clip shown were hand painted), and also how it was another hollywood blockbuster using british special effects, and how the film will re-establish britian's great special FX reputation.