Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: With news of the trailer hitting online next Monday (Sunday night) we can defineitly say the media storm is brewing as The Two Towers prepares for it's cinematic launch. Last week Newline Cinema held a press conference for TTT where 16 minutes of new footage was screened. Fox news has a report:

I've now seen advance footage of the second installment of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and all I can say is "look out." This may be another Oscar nominee for Best Picture.

Last week New Line Cinema held two sneak previews of 16 minutes of assembled footage of The Two Towers which featured a look at some new characters and a glimpse of a giant war scene. It was all very impressive, especially the new computer-generated character Gollum, who puts Jar Jar Binks to shame.

Two Towers, from what we saw, is more character driven than the first film. It feels a little amped up and that may be the result of the re-shoots this past summer. The scenes we saw had incredible energy even if you don't know a word from the book (and that would include this reader, whose only interest in J.R.R. Tolkien's books extended to The Fellowship of the Ring).

In addition, here's a nice little photo of Aragorn and Eowyn in TTT. javascript:;|CLICK HERE

Treasure Planet:Cinemovies has posted some rather impressive stills from the upcoming Disney adventure, Treasure Planet. To check these suckers out...CLICK HERE

The Tuxedo: Jackie Chan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Richie Coster, Kevin Donovan (Director) and Mike Leeson and Michael Wilson (Writers), all sat down to answer some questions at a recent press junket. Dream Works Fansite has posted exclusive audio files of the interview in which Jackie Chan revelaed many about his upcoming involvement in Rush Hour 3 and Shanghai Knights! CLICK HERE

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Superman: Even more script details and plot outlines have appeared at Coming Attractions. Seems the've cleared up a few rumors and confirmed a few things that were left open. CLICK HERE

Stephen King: If you've seen the cover of Entertainment Weekly this week you're probably wondering why the cover features Stephen King and his ode to calling it quits. Find out why America's most popular author is leaving writing behind...CLICK HERE

Thanks to Dark Horizons for the heads up.

Dawn of The Dead: The Remake: Harry over at Ain't It Cool has read the latest attempt of a script in remaking Dawn Of The Dead. Apparently he was less than amused:

I have never picked up a script in my life with the anger and hate that I came to pick up the James Gunn draft of DAWN OF THE DEAD remake script. I mean, I hated this concept. I have felt that Gunn should never of left TROMA for the world of mainstream film, his satiric gross out juvenile humor was best in a world where you can show a pus dripping mangina and mutant f***ing going on.

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