Netflix has just released the first trailer for their adaptation of Stephen King's novella, 1922, which is set to debut next month. Not only does the trailer look creepy, but it also sounds unsettling, thanks to Mike Patton's fantastic soundtrack that recalls a twisted take on a Hitchcock score. In a recent interview to promote the incredibly successful IT, King alerted fans that this adaptation was really special and that it really "creeped" him out when he saw the rough cut. The legendary horror author also mentioned that he couldn't stop thinking about it, which is a good indicator since he basically said the same thing about the big screen adaptation if IT.

The first trailer for 1922 comes to us courtesy of the official Netflix YouTube account and it is an uncomfortable two and a half minutes to say the least. Adding to the uneasiness is the original score by Faith No More and Mr. Bungle front man, Mike Patton, which can be heard in the first minute and a half of the trailer. Patton quietly announced back in May that he was writing the score and had this to say about it.

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"It's more haunting and Hitchcock-y than you might think."

Patton was right on the money when describing his work on the score as it sounds like it was certainly influenced by early Hitchcock movies, but filtered through the unhinged brain of Patton who obviously made something completely unique.

The trailer starts with the plucked strings of a violin along with some "found sound" percussion that begins to speed up and add tension as another violin comes in being plucked as well, but at a higher register. Even with only a minute of the score to be heard, it sounds like it could very well be Mike Patton's best scoring work to date. The musician is a true original and any fans of his work will be able to recognize his style almost instantly, which is no small feat considering that Patton has recorded and produced just about every genre of music that there is.

1922 is based on Stephen King's 131-page story telling of a man's confession of his wife's murder. The tale is told from the perspective of Wilfred James, the story's unreliable narrator who admits to killing his wife, Arlette, with his son in Nebraska. But after he buries her body, he finds himself terrorized by rats and, as his life begins to unravel, as he becomes convinced his wife is haunting him. 1922 was written and directed by Zak Hilditch and stars Thomas Jane (Hung), Molly Parker (House of Cards), Dylan Schmid (Once Upon a Time), Kaitlyn Bernard (Mom's Day Away), Brian d'Arcy (Civil), and Neal McDonough (Captain America).

1922 is set to make its debut exclusively on Netflix on October 20th, but it will be premiered today at some festival in Texas. The trailer teases the new original score by Mike Patton and we're hoping that the score will get a physical release, but it is unclear if one is in the works or not. Patton has been pretty busy with his new band, Dead Cross who just released their first album and completed a national tour, so maybe some news about the score for 1922 will be announced shortly. Until then, check out the first trailer below.