Here at Movieweb, we have an outspoken group of individuals who make up our online community. And they contribute quite a bit to our site in terms of what films the paying public should and shouldn't see. This year, they have compiled their own personal lists to find out which five films of 2011 were the most talked about and loved last year, here on this site. They also picked through their least liked movies, and found which single title reined as the "Movieweb Movie of the Year".

Movieweb Users Moviegeek, Slysnide and Diaigma got both the top five and bottom five lists started in our User Forums, where quite a few readers chimed in on what they considered to be the best of the best, and the worst of the worst, seen on-screen in 2010.

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The first thing that became quite obvious is that our very diverse group of readers have very diverse personal tastes in movies, as no top five list was alike, and there were quite a few surprising entries. PRPwnVRVn8UfTW|Moviegeek tallied the movies in terms of which ones appeared on the most lists, and then each title was give points according to where it landed on any individual list. If a movie was voted number one, it got five points. If it was voted number two, it was awarded four points. And so on...

After all the votes were tallied, it shouldn't come as any surprise which movie rose to the tip top to become the favorite of everyone here on the site. With the most inclusions on each individual list, and the most accumulated points, here it is:

To find out which films just missed the cut, be sure to check out the rest of the best in our Forums.

Now we move onto the five worst films list, which was also compiled by PRPwnVRVn8UfTW|Moviegeek using the same tallying system used to find which top five films thrilled moviegoers the most this past year. While Inception was an easy lock for best movie, there were far too many bad examples of horrible celluloid stinking up our theaters this past year. So it was a tough race. Here is the final list of bad movies as voted by our Users:

To find out what other movies irritated our loyal readers the most, be sure to check out our User Forums, here, here and here.

That's it for this year. As we head into March, here's to hoping that 2011 offers just as many good movies as it does bad.