Appleseed 2 & 3: According to Variety, Micott & Bazara, the Japanese creators of the upcoming toon import Appleseed, has pacted with nascent Axis Entertainment to co-produce two sequels in the franchise together.

Combining motion-capture and new technology called "toon-shading," which gives 3D characters a 2D comicbook look, "Appleseed" is being spit out domestically through Geneon Entertainment on January 14th.

Geneon, which launched its distribution and marketing arm this year, is a supplier of Japanese animation in the U.S., with a library that includes Akira and Sailor Moon.

Micott & Basara and Los Angeles-based Axis are further planning on co-creating an "Appleseed" TV series and a possible live-action feature.

Based on a manga favorite, Appleseed follows the adventures of a female warrior and her cyborg lover. The duo try to stop a plot to destroy the balance of power between humans and a race of cybernetic clones.