Pablo Escobar's family is suing rapper 2 Chainz for at least $10 million over his Atlanta restaurant. 2 Chainz has two restaurants called Escobar Restaurant and Tapas. While the name alone wouldn't be that bad, the rapper also uses the infamous drug lord's likeness all over the premises and on merchandise, along with menu items like the Escobar Crab Cakes. Escobar Inc. is not happy about the restaurant as they claim it violates federal law with unauthorized commercial use of the Escobar name and likeness.

Escobar Inc. reportedly wants the monetary damage as a bare minimum, "plus an injunction blocking use of the name and likeness at the restaurants." It looks like 2 Chainz really has no choice in the matter since he did not ask for permission before naming two restaurants with Pablo Escobar's name and likeness for publicity. The rapper has found his name in the headlines quite a bit lately, and a lot of it has been negative press for his two Atlanta restaurants.

One of the Escobar Restaurant & Tapas was shut down at the end of May after law enforcement "noticed that the location was rather loud, busy, and occupied to be operating as a restaurant at that time of night." Images from the night prove that there was absolutely zero social distancing and no masks as guests partook in bottle service while sharking a hookah. There was even a long line wrapped around the corner to get into the restaurant, which is how law enforcement noticed that the establishment was still open.

Atlanta was one of the first cities in the United States to allow businesses to reopen. At the time, 2 Chainz was into the idea, but decided to stay closed and feed the homeless instead. When the city started to allow more people into restaurants, the rapper made the decision to open up again, but he did not follow any of the suggested guidelines, which is happening a lot all over the country as people start to get used to going out again. It's unclear what this lawsuit with Pablo Escobar's family will mean for the restaurants after having to close down earlier this year.

As of this writing, 2 Chainz has been cited twice for violating social distancing guidelines. While the rapper has yet to publicly respond to the Pablo Escobar lawsuit, he has been pretty vocal about the heat he has been receiving about the restaurants remaining open with zero social distancing or masks. He took to social media to say, "Still reporting Escobar been closed! That was on Sunday! Today is Wednesday can ya'll find something else to report and get off 2 Chainz N*ttz!" We'll just have to wait and see how this all pans out with the lawsuit. TMZ was the first to report on the Escobar's lawsuit against 2 Chainz.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick