If the international trailer, clips, and TV spot released today weren't quite enough for you, we have a red band trailer for 2 Guns, starring Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, and Paula Patton. In addition to this age-restricted footage, which contains violence and R-rated language, Universal Pictures has launched the official website, a Who Are My People Facebook app, and the 2 Guns: On the Lookout game. Take a look at the latest footage, which should only be watched by viewers over the age of 18, then read on for information about these new games and websites.

2 GUNS Website

Visit the official site and stay hot on the trail of Bobby and Stigs to unlock and discover exclusive clips, gifs and downloads!

Who Are My People?

Who are your partners in crime? Who would have your back if you wanted to rob a bank? Negotiate with a Drug Lord? Smuggle Contraband? Connect with Facebook and find out now!

2 Guns: On the Lookout Game

Bobby and Stig are wanted for a bank heist. Your assignment? Prove their innocence by keeping them alive over two levels of game play. Get started now at Play2Guns.com.