The first trailer for Universal Pictures' 2 Guns shows the tenuous relationship between Denzel Washington's Bobby Trench and Mark Wahlberg's Marcus Stigman. These competing agents from two different bureaus, who have been deep cover agents inside a narcotics ring, are forced to go on the run together, although neither one knows that the other is an undercover operative. Take a look at the first footage from director Baltasar Kormákur's action-thriller, along with the new poster and five photos.

<strong><em>2 Guns</em></strong> Poster

<strong><em>2 Guns</em></strong> Photo 1

<strong><em>2 Guns</em></strong> Photo 2

<strong><em>2 Guns</em></strong> Photo 3

<strong><em>2 Guns</em></strong> Photo 4

<strong><em>2 Guns</em></strong> Photo 5

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