Showtime has provided us with two brand new clips from the upcoming Californication episode, Dogtown, which will air on Sunday, November 29 at 10 PM ET on Showtime. Click below for these new clips, which features Hank and Charlie's guy's night out and another clip with Karen, Becca and Marcy having a girls night out.

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Hank takes Charlie out on the town to drown his sorrows after Sue Collini (Kathleen Turner) fires him for causing client Rick Springfield (Rick Springfield) to leave the agency. Meanwhile, Karen, still miffed by Hank's dalliance with Felicia (Embeth Davidtz), organizes a girls' night out with Becca and Marcy. Drunk and up to no good, Hank and Charlie have a near-death experience when they confront a couple of thieving hoodlums in a convenience store. The night ends with Charlie realizing he made a questionable body art decision and Hank having the breakfast of his life with the woman he loves.