Movie Picture2002 is here. We lived 2 years after the falsely proclaimed apocalypse that was the Y2k bug. These past 730 days have been pretty crazy, but nothing compares to what's in store for the next dozen months! In 2002, we will (finally!) have a Spiderman movie, a new Star Wars movie, a new Lord of the Rings movie, A new Tarantino movie, a PT Anderson project starring Adam Sandler, True Lies 2, and more! Not only that, but Lights Out is sure to mercilessly throw you even more movie news, hyper active bald critics and original indie flicks straight to your tiny little computer screen ALL THE TIME!

2002 is the year of the movie, and we're riding that crazy horse until it hits the assembly line at the McDonalds McNugget packaging plant. That's right. Just keep watchin.

Note: McNuggets have yet to be proven to be made out of horses, especially those of the crazy variety. Happy New Year from everyone here at Lights Out. ~Steve