2012Not even Spike Jonze's wild things could stop Roland Emmerich's latest disaster film from sweeping all three home video charts. According to The Hollywood Reporter, 2012 earned a clean sweep taking the top spot on the DVD sales charts, DVD rental charts and the Blu-ray sales charts, for the week ending March 7.

The apocalyptic film starring John Cusack dominated the charts, with the closest competitor being the new Spike Jonze film Where the Wild Things Are, which took a distant second place on the DVD sales charts, selling just 44% of the units that 2012 sold. Where the Wild Things Are also finished fourth on the rental charts and second place on the Blu-ray sales charts as well.

The only other notable new release was the Hayao Miyazaki animated film Ponyo, which debuted in third place on the DVD sales charts and also took third on the BD sales charts as well. Among the top three on the BD sales charts, 2012's BD sales totaled a massive 41% of the total sales, Where the Wild Things Are's high-def sales accounted for 28% of the disc's full tally while Ponyo's 1080p sales were 35% of the total units sold.