5Uncle Buck

Uncle Buck

With a TV show adaptation of the great 1980s film, I think it is clear that that decade is back. And what better way for it to happen than with an updating of this now classic tale. Mike Epps takes over the iconic role played by John Candy. We see him as a "man-child" who has to take care of his brother's children. This merging of a 1980s idea with 2015 scruples, seems destined to be filled solid laughs and strong storylines. Mike Epps, like John Candy before him, does comedy effortlessly and this should more than be on display here. We're told that this new version of the show (they actually tried to do another TV version in 1990), "cannot be more different" than the movie that came before. Look, we loved the movie but this update has us anticipating something incredible! Uncle Buck does not have a set premiere date yet, but is coming soon to ABC.