Alloy Entertainment is teaming up with 24 producer Howard Gordon and Final Destination director James Wong for an adaptation of the sci-fi novel 2084 by author Gregg Rosenblum.

The story is described as a cross between 1984 and The Terminator. Set in the late 21st Century, 2084 tells the tale of a dystopia future where robots, who were created to help humans fight wars, now control humanity's every move. The project is being developed both as a movie and a three-book trilogy, with HarperCollins buying the rights to the series. It isn't known when the 2084 book will be published yet.

Leslie Morgenstein and Bob Levy will produce 2084 for Alloy Entertainment, while Howard Gordon and James Wong will serve as executive producers.

A writer and director have not been attached to 2084 as of yet.