20th Century Fox has launched their brand new official website at FoxMovies.com, where fans can learn all about upcoming titles such as The Maze Runner (September 19), Gone Girl (October 3) and The Book of Life.

The studio has even taken an innovative approach to their "error page,' which you can see at FoxMovies.com/404, featuring a scene from the cult classic Office Space with Milton (Stephen Root) complaining about his desk being moved. Take a look at the error video below, then read on for more details about the site.

Fans can also sign up for updates on 20th Century Fox movies, through either an email address or a Facebook account. The site also features the latest videos from the studio's upcoming titles, mobile phone applications, plus a link to sign up for 20th Century Fox Rewards, where fans can earn free movie tickets simply by sharing trailers through their social networking platforms.

CLICK HERE to check out the site for yourself. You can also CLICK HERE for the studio's Facebook page and CLICK HERE to connect on Twitter.