Do you have those Thursday night blues? Do you just want it to be Friday so you can go out and party all night? Relativity Media feels your pain, and wants to help you get through the rest of the work week with a hi-res photo gallery for 21 & Over, the studio's upcoming comedy that celebrates the sacred rite of passage that is a man's 21st birthday. Miles Teller and Skylar Astin star as two friends who surprise their old buddy Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) on his 21st birthday. Even though Jeff has a huge medical school interview in the morning, he is coaxed out for "just one beer." Of course, one beer turns into many, as the night spirals wildly out of control. Take a look at these photos as you imagine your weekend unfolding in a similarly raucous fashion.

21 and Over Photo 1
21 and Over Photo 2
21 and Over Photo 3
21 and Over Photo 4
21 and Over Photo 5
21 and Over Photo
21 & Over Photo
21 & Over Photo 1
21 & Over Photo 2
21 & Over Photo 3