For a long time, there has been a real sameness to all of the Superhero movie posters released by Marvel, DC and other studios, with mandates followed to ensure no one is offended and everyone is enticed to spend big bucks on the latest blockbuster. But that doesn't mean every Superhero movie poster has to suck. And in recent years, some filmmakers have had a lot of fun establishing unique alternative posters that might not find their way into multiplexes. But they have certainly found their way into collector's hearts.

Though the superhero genre only really started to come into its own in the early 2000s, there are also some very cool old school posters as well. What does it take to make a memorable Superhero movie poster that stands out above the crowd? Bright colors, striking images and an artistic approach that is unique to each character certainly helps. Today, we're looking at 21 of the best Superhero movie posters ever released by a major studio. And one of the things you may notice right away: A great poster doesn't always mean a good movie!

1Batman v Superman (2016)

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Batman v Superman Poster

We kick things off with a brand new poster for a movie that hasn't even arrived yet! We chose this as our first one-sheet, as it takes a step in a different direction from what we've seen coming from Marvel over the past couple of years. Though there are two versions, we went with Batman, because his poster looks slightly cooler than The Man of Steel. But Superman is still represented, as his logo gets slapped across Ben Affleck's morose face. Hopefully the movie can live up to this aesthetic when it finally arrives in theaters next March.

Evan Jacobs