Sony's 21 Jump Street is inching closer to production, and despite interest from both sides, a Johnny Depp cameo in the remake has not yet been secured. Here's what star Channing Tatum had to say recently about a Johnny Depp appearance in 21 Jump Street:

"I really hope he does it. It would mean the world to us and I think everyone wants to see him do it."
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We reported back in December that Johnny Depp himself expressed interest in coming in for a cameo. However, there have been no official discussions as of yet for Johnny Depp to come aboard. Star/writer Jonah Hill has said he wrote a part specifically for Johnny Depp in the new movie.

Channing Tatum also revealed more details about his character, as well as Jonah Hill's character:

"It's a total reversal. Jonah's the cool one and I'm the loser."

Channing Tatum said that there are moments in the 21 Jump Street script which he is surprised will be allowed in the movie:

"I've never read a script that I'm like, 'How are they letting us do this?' I don't even mean the censoring board. I'm like, 'No, I can't believe they're going to put this in a movie.' It's freaking ridiculous."

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are directing 21 Jump Street from a script by Michael Bacall, who wrote the treatment with Jonah Hill. Production is said to begin sometime this spring.

Johnny Depp starred in the original 21 Jump Street series, which ran from 1987 to 1991.