I wouldn't have bet against a gambling flick coming out on top on the home video charts this week, especially with no competition. According to The Hollywood Reporter, 21 took the top spot in the DVD sales, DVD rentals and Blu-Ray sales, for the week ending July 27. It was the only new major theatrical release on the shelves last week.

The Kevin Spacey film outsold last week's top seller, Step Up 2 The Streets, which finished in second place this week, by a hefty four-to-one margin. Batman Begins Limited Edition Gift Set still held strong at the third spot in sales.

On the rental side, 21 bested last week's top rental, The Bank Job, although it still performed nicely for it's sophomore week.

In high-def, 21 completed the sweep by taking the Blu-Ray sales charts, with Batman Begins in second place. Spurned by the upcoming theatrical release of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, a trio of related films fared well in Blu-Ray. The Mummy took the third spot in BD sales while sequel The Mummy Returns and spin-off The Scorpion King finished in fifth and eighth place, respectively, in Blu-Ray sales.

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