In a recent exclusive interview that we conducted with character actor Louis Lombardi, he vented his frustrations with his Macintosh computer.

What makes this all the more interesting is that Lombardi currently plays the role of computer guru, Edgar Stiles, on the popular FOX hit 24. Here is sample from that portion of the interview:

"I bought a Macintosh to do all my work on." Louis began. "Editing stuff and writing, you know? A brand new one, it's supposed to be the best one they have. It turns out I've had it in the shop three different times. For all different problems, three different problems with the same Mac ; within the last year. And every time I try and call someone at Apple or Mac or wherever... no one responds. No one even cares!"

He continued, "And the funniest thing is it's almost an insult to their computers because when I bring them into the Mac store, everyone's like, 'Edgar! You play the computer genius what's wrong with your computer?' And it's almost like a running joke about how sh*tty Mac is now. It's like this guy is supposed to be the computer genius... and his Mac is breaking every other week. No one will even call to fix it or take care of it. That's the worst part about it is dealing with Apple, I think. Not only is their product horrible but... no one responds to you when something happens."

"It's just like, 'We'll fix it again, we'll fix it again. We can fix it every week until your warranty runs out.' And then what do you do?" He asked incredulously. "If I woulda known this beforehand? I'd just bought a new Powerbook, the G5, 17", widescreen one, that I wouldn't have bought if I would have known the problems I was gonna have with this one. It's insane. It's the worst experience I've ever had with a computer, and I'm playing the computer genius on 24, that's the funniest thing. Every time I walk in there everybody's like, 'Edgar! What's wrong with your computer?" Right away they look at the Mac and they're like, 'Oh God, if Edgar can't get it going no one can.'"