Warner Bros. is wasting no time getting movies in the can with their direct-to-video arm Raw Feed Productions.

In a story from Variety, Tony Krantz, an executive producer on the Fox hit 24, is moving into directing with the horror film, Sublime.

The story of this $5 million dollar film concerns George Grieves (Tom Cavanaugh), a man admitted to a hospital for a routine, minimally invasive surgery, who soon finds out his surgery is much more serious and complicated than originally expected.

Trapped in the increasingly bizarre and dangerous world of the eerie hospital, George tries to maintain his sanity while uncovering the truth behind the growing number of medical misdeeds happening within the hospital's East Ward.  As his own fears begin to manifest deeper and deeper all around him, he learns that this is not a hospital where people can get better... this is a hospital where people go to die.

Krantz created Raw Feed with John Shiban (The X-Files) and Daniel Myrick (The Blair Witch Project). Sublime was written by Erik Jendresen who also served as a co-producer on the film.

Raw Feed's first film in their deal is titled Rest Stop (directed by Shiban) and it will hit stores in October of this year.