In excerpt on EW.COM, from a cover story in their January 13th, 2006 magazine, it appears that Jack Bauer and his team might be making the jump to the big screen.

In a story about the upcoming season of the show, Keifer Sutherland had this to say about 24’s big screen prospects:

''It can be an amazing series of movies,'' he says. ''One of the things I've experienced making this show is that an audience can handle a lot more than we thought when we started — the tension, the anxiety.... If we could [compress] all the energy we spread over 24 hours of programming and put that into 2, I think we'd knock your socks off.''

While it appears as if things are only in the “plotting” stages, it will certainly be interesting to see what they do with the show given only 120 minutes (and not 1440) to tell their often complex and nerve racking stories.

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