Yeah know, rarely does the Mush feel the need to actually write about a movie on this site. I have the Minute to voice my feelings and with the new OSCAR show we have in the works there really is no need for me to put some thoughts on paper.


Upon seeing the film 24 Hour Party People and telling BB about it I felt compelled to give this movie some virtual ink. It was in a word..., awesome. In a short summary, I will say the film follows a journalist who is trying to open up the underground music scene in Manchester, England in the late 70s. It begins at a SEX PISTOLS show where there are only 42 people there and then it takes us through the history of the scene(brief glimpses of THE CLASH, THE BUZZCOCKS and a some other seminal bands are seen) then it settles down and focuses on JOY DIVISION and THE HAPPY MONDAYS.

I am not a fan of rave music or the culture but then again most people aren't big fans of boxing so we agree to disagree. I bring up the rave thing because that is sort of what this music devolved into. For many that I have sent to see this movie they cannot get passed that (even though the said devolution is only a brief part of the movie). What intrigues me is how the scene got started, how the journalist nurtured it first with a small TV show and then opened a club specifically so that these bands would have a place to play. He then formed a record label FACTORY RECORDS to put these bands out. Having been a part of the Orange County Hardcore scene and seen a label like NETWORK SOUND

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