From the creators of Ice Age comes, Robots!

Thanks to 20th Century Fox, MovieWeb has your first look at 25 new photos and over 10 video clips from the upcoming animated flick, Robots, starring Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry, Mel Brooks, Greg Kinnear, Drew Carey, Jim Broadbent, Amanda Bynes, Jennifer Coolidge and Robin Williams!

Twentieth Century Fox and Academy Award winning director Chris Wedge, who last joined forces on the blockbuster animated hit Ice Age, now team to create another visually spectacular, three-dimensional world, with an all-star, award-winning cast, in Robots. Beyond the scope, freshness and vibrancy of an incredible world populated solely by mechanical beings, Wedge and his team are creating memorable robots, each with "his" / "her" own distinct personality. The result is a timeless tale that pushes the boundaries of animation, while introducing characters rich with whimsy, heart and soul.

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Director Chris Wedge has also recently spoken to USA Today about the Ice Age 2: The Meltdown trailer that will be appearing before Robots on March 11th...

Movie Picture <blockquote class=Quick. Lock up all your acorns. The Scrat is back."/>

The twitchy rodent who skittered into audiences' hearts in the 2002 animated hit Ice Age wreaks prehistoric havoc once more in Ice Age 2:The Meltdown, due in 2006. You'll get a taste of the nuttiness to come when the sequel's first trailer premieres before Robots, a new computerized comedy from Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox that opens March 11.

"We call it a short short," says Chris Wedge, director of the original Ice Age and Robots, about the 1?-minute preview. "It's hard to run out of material for that guy. He is just loose, loose, loose all the way."

When the Scrat first made a splat on the big screen, the accident-prone cross between a squirrel and a rat not only caused the Ice Age to spread with his obsessive need to bury his acorn, but he also fell victim to a lightning strike and an avalanche. Expect more natural disasters to befall the furry fellow as his frigid environment begins to thaw.

Wedge does a repeat performance as the voice of the Scrat. He never rehearses his screeches and sniffles, preferring to have a Method behind his madness. "It's best when they catch me on a day when I am feeling hopeless and frustrated," he says.