2Fast 2Furious:TV Guide has unleashed some information regarding what kind of stuff was cut from the Fast & The Furious sequel:

"There was a sex scene between Monica and Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker), which I asked to be taken out," Mendez reveals. "It was on the houseboat. My character was already emotionally and physically involved with Carter Verone (Cole Hauser). Monica and Brian didn't really have time to establish something, so I thought it was not proper to have a sex scene." RELATED: The Rock Regrets Making His Feud with Vin Diesel Public, But Meant Every Word

Prudish as that may sound, director John Singleton agreed, since he was concerned with keeping the sequel's heat at PG-13 levels. Says Mendez: "I'm so happy that John listened to me and said, 'You're right.' I want to stay away from the words 'role model'