Adrien Brody, Emmanuelle Seigner and Elsa Pataky are set to star in Giallo, the latest thriller from Italian horror legend Dario Argento.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Giallo revolves around an American flight attendant who teams with an Italian investigator to search for her missing sister who has been abducted by a serial killer known only as Yellow.

The term giallo means "yellow" in Italian and also refers to the Italian pulp, horror and erotic genre of film and literature. Argento has built his name with movies that combine horror and eroticism such as 1977's Suspiria and last year's Mother of Tears.

Giallo might mark the first time an actor of Brody's caliber has starred in an Argento film.

Production is set to start May 12 in Torino, Italy, with postproduction work done in Los Angeles.