Horror fans anticipating 3 from Hell are absolutely dying to see a full trailer for the movie, following the previously-released teaser which offered very little to show from the Rob Zombie sequel. Fortunately, Zombie is now promising the release of the "full official trailer" after the weekend, posting an image on social media to say it's coming on Monday, July 15. "This is it!" Zombie emphatically says in the caption. He adds: "The real deal... not a teaser. The wait is over!!!!"

Of course, Rob Zombie is referring to the fan response to the 3 from Hell teaser trailer, which left many fans disappointed. After hyping the trailer with a countdown of sneak peek images, some fans were stunned to see the clip mostly consisted of footage from past movies. Hardly anything from 3 from Hell itself was shown in the video, and as people were expecting more, this left many fans underwhelmed. Recognizing this, Zombie is now making it clear the next trailer will be a full trailer with plenty of actual footage from the movie, as opposed to just another sneak peek clip.

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3 from Hell will be the third movie in a trilogy, continuing a storyline established in two of Zombie's prior movies. The series first began in 2003 with Zombie's debut movie House of 1000 Corpses, introducing the Firefly family members, including Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding, Bill Moseley as Otis, and Sheri Moon Zombie as Baby. The murderous trio would take their killing spree to the road in the 2005 sequel The Devil's Rejects, which culminated in a bloody shootout between the Fireflys and the police in the end. While it seemed that the Fireflys perished in a hail of gunfire, 3 from Hell reveals that the three murderers survived and must now go on trial for their crimes. Of course, some way or another, it won't be long before all three are mass murdering innocent people once again.

While fans are clamoring to see more footage, there remains a lot of interest from the horror crowd for the upcoming project. Fortunately, the movie now has an official release date. Courtesy of Fathom Events, 3 from Hell will be screened in its unrated form this fall on Sept. 16-18 for a special three-day event, along with different bonus features each night. Tickets will go on sale for these dates on July 19, which is also when the list of participating theaters will be released. It has yet to be revealed whether the R-rated version of 3 from Hell will have a wide theatrical release as well, or when that date might be if so.

In the days leading up to the FULL trailer release, Zombie may provide a few more sneak peek photos as well. That's fine, but let's hope Monday's trailer will finally give us plenty of actual footage from the movie itself. You can take a look at the Monday trailer announcement for 3 from Hell below, courtesy of Rob Zombie on Instagram.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick