Scott Caan has signed on for the lead role in Fox's Brett Ratner-directed comedy pilot Cop House, Michelle Trachtenberg will co-star on NBC's drama pilot Mercy, and Josh Charles has joined CBS' drama pilot The Good Wife, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

On Cop House, set at a halfway house for troubled cops, Caan will play a champion marksman who suffered a nervous breakdown after his wife left him for his sister.

Also cast in the pilot is Curtiss I'Cook as an intense cop prone to random, violent outbursts.

On Mercy, about the friendship of three nurses, Trachtenberg will play one of them, who is tragically unhip.

The Good Wife centers on a politician's wife (Julianna Margulies) who gets a job as a junior associate at a top law firm. Charles will play a partner at the firm.

In other pilot castings, Tom Riley has landed the fourth lead on ABC's comedy No Heroics, and Catherine Dent has joined NBC's drama Day One.