House of Wax:Movie Hole recently received word on 3 more additions to the House of Wax remake cast...

Brian Van Holt, probably best known for his role as Michael Boxer in last year's "S.W.A.T", has joined the cast of the "House of Wax" remake in Queensland. Van Holt is the sixth actor to have flown from the states for the film.

Another new addition to the cast is local Australian actress Emma Lung. Lung, who's credits include "Ned" and "Garage Days", is one of only a few local actors to have scored roles in the film. The other prominent Australian face in the cast is Damon Herriman, who co-starred with Lung in "Ned" and is remembered for his role in the mini-series "Brides of Christ".

The film - now shooting at Warner Bros Movie World on the Gold Coast - features "24" star Elisha Cuthbert as Sally Jones, Jared Padalecki as Wade, Paris Hilton (who's been ordered to lose weight apparently) as Shannon Taylor, and Chad Michael Murray as Adam Anderson. Jon Abrahams ["Scary Movie"] also has a role.

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