Moviefone has posted 3 video clips from Warner Bros. action-drama 300, which arrives in conventional and IMAX theatres on March 9.

The 3 clips are titled:

*) King Leonidas gives the Persian emissary a taste of Spartan diplomacy. Xerxes is not going to like their response!

*) The Spartan ideal of "a beautiful death" in battle is revealed as scouts first view Xerxes enormous army landing on Greek shores.

*) What should a free man do?" Leonidas wrestles with the decisions that Xerxes' advancing army has forced upon him.

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300 is an adaptation of Frank Miller's epic graphic novel. Using hyper-real renderings similar to Miller's own graphically stylized illustrations, the film tells the true story of 300 elite Spartan warriors led by their fearless king Leonidas (Butler), who thwart the charge of Xerxes and his massive Persian army at the battle of Thermopylae. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian foe, leading to the origins of democracy.