Ever since 300: Rise of an Empire was announced, fans have wondered whether this adventure is a prequel or a sequel to 300. Director Noam Murro reveals in a new behind-the-scenes featurette that 300: Rise of an Empire actually takes place at the same time as 300, although it is told from a different perspective. Zack Snyder, who wrote and produced this follow-up, reveals it's more of a companion film, instead of a prequel or a sequel. Producer Gianni Nunnari explains that, while 300 showed the battle at the Gates of Fire, it was just a small part of a massive war all over Greece. We also hear from Sullivan Stapleton (General Themistokles), Eva Green (Artemisia), along with producers Deborah Snyder, Bernie Goldmann and Thomas Tull, who share more insight into this action-packed tale, in theaters March 7.