The Spartans reign supreme in high-def.

The first annual High-Def Disc Awards were held last night in Los Angeles, and 300 was the big winner of the night. The 300: Blu-Ray disc took home the High-Def Title of the Year, and it also won for Best Bonus Feature for its bluescreen picture-in-picture extra on the HD DVD version of the movie. It was the only film to win multiple awards from the 11 categories and it was also the only movie to be released in both HD DVD and Blu-Ray formats among the nominated discs.

The eligibility for these awards went all the way back to the inception of each format, with April of 2006 for HD DVD and June of 2006 for Blu-Ray, so, essentially, every disc in each format was elligble for these awards. Here's a complete list of the winners:

High Def Title of the Year:300: Blu-Ray, Warner Home Video

Best Live-Action Blu-ray:Casino Royale, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Best Live-Action HD DVD:Hot Fuzz, Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Best Animated:Ratatouille (Blu-ray), Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

Best Picture Quality:Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Blu-ray), Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

Best Audio Quality:Transformers (HD DVD), Paramount Home Entertainment

Best Bonus Feature:300 (HD DVD), Bluescreen Picture-in-Picture, Warner Home Video

Most Innovative Use of New Technology: HD DVD U-Shop feature (Internet purchase ability), Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Best Long-Form Music Video:Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: Live at Radio City Music Hall (Blu-ray), Sony BMG

Best Catalog:Kingdom of Heaven: Director's Cut, Blu-Ray 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Best Collection/Multidisc Set:Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Blu-Ray Sony Pictures Home Entertainment