300 came out on DVD today but that hasn't stopped Deborah Snyder, wife of Zack, from discussing another release of this title in the future.

In a story from Home Media Magazine, Deborah Snyder, "an executive producer of the film, revealed that an in-movie experience feature for the Blu-ray Disc of 300 wasn't yet ready for the release."

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Shortly after that, at a "DVD release party, held July 28 at Petco Park in San Diego," she continued talking about another 300 release by saying, "I think there's going to be another Blu-ray special edition later on."

Aside from these vague intonations about another release of a movie that today came out on DVD, Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD, Zack Snyder managed to reveal some of his aspirations for an eventual Watchmen DVD. Watchmen is currently Snyder's next theatrical project.

"We're hoping for a huge extra bit," Snyder states. "We're into the Peter Jackson style ... to be able to do something that's like another movie ... like a whole storyline that's not in the movie."

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