3001: A reader over at JoBlo.com has sent in a report from the set of 3001, the comedic follow-up to Mike Judge's Office Space. Take a look at what he had to say...

I just completed my stint for the "Unnamed Mike Judge Film" (Mike thought "3001" was set too far into the future and apted for a name change...not yet decided upon) I was placed in the jury box, front row, second from the left, long black hair. Upon filming, there seems to be a wrestling- themed court scene in which a caged Luke is accused of not paying his medical bills ($6 million) and crashing his "pod" (vehicle) into an apartment. Luke then learns that his court-appointed lawyer is the owner of said apartment and the crowd goes wild. The Judge (played by OFFICE SPACE 'Milton') has his own surprising antic of proclaiming Luke's judicial fate! On my second day, We were set off to film the "theatre" scene. Though I do not appear in view of the images, the plot continues with the low-intelligent citizens racing into the StarPlex theatre where the number one hit movie "ASS" is now playing! It is quite simple: A motion picture of a male ass shifting its weight from left to right (model unknown). The viewers just laugh at the movie while Luke (in what seems to be military fatigues)looks on in confusion.

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