NBC's ER has added four new cast members for its upcoming final season: Shiri Appleby, Julian Morris, Emily Rose and Victor Rasuk, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The quartet will recur as new interns at County General Hospital on the medical drama, from Warner Bros. TV.

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Appleby and Morris will play siblings Daria and Andrew Wade. Daria is a smart and eager to learn, while Andrew uses his looks, smarts and charm to get ahead. Rose will play Tracy Martin, an ambitious intern who likes to control things, which often doesn't go over well with her superiors. Rasuk was cast as Ryan Sanchez, a native New Yorker who's a tad nervous and is often found on his cell phone, fielding questions from his wife.

"The new group of young characters -- played by four charming and singular actors -- adds a burst of fresh energy and a bunch of different personalities for us to play off of as we enter our 15th and final season," executive producer David Zabel said.