The next four of 12 players on ABC's The Mole are confirmed - Nicole (Chicago, IL), Ali (St. Louis, MO), Bobby (Philadelphia, PA) and Mark (Mukwonago, WI). Dubbed television's smartest reality show, the new season of "The Mole" premieres MONDAY, JUNE 2 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC. Television Network. The series returns with all-new missions, locations and music, plus online and mobile interactivity, enabling more viewer participation during the 10 episodes. Jon Kelley ("Extra," "The National Sports Report") is host.

The Mole, based on the hit Belgian format, is produced by Stone & Company Entertainment and follows a group of players as they try to figure out who among them is The Mole, a saboteur trying to keep them from winning money. Players must decide who they think The Mole is and then learn as much about him or her as they can, because, at the end of each one-hour episode, the player who knows the least about The Mole is immediately eliminated from the game. In the final dramatic episode, The Mole is revealed and one of two final players wins a substantial cash prize.

The highly-rated ABC unscripted series aired in various time periods during its four-season run, and was a consistent draw with key young adult viewers opposite established network competition, including NBC's "Law & Order" and the inaugural season of Fox's "American Idol." "The Mole" ranked either No. 1 or No. 2 in its respective slots each season with Adults 18-34 and took second place in each of its time periods among Adults 18-49. Despite facing stiff demographic competition, "The Mole" improved each of its time periods among Adults 18-34.

Additional information about the show and players can be found at Here are mini-bios for the second batch of players to be announced:

NICOLE Age: 32

Occupation: OBGYN doctor

Chicago, IL

Education: MD, Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine

Nicole says she has the ability to be a social chameleon, a skill she's developed by growing up in a lower-middle class, African-American neighborhood, working in a white collar profession and dealing with a wide range of patients. She says she can be street or professional when she needs to be, has a strong personality and isn't shy about letting her opinions be known. Nicole is very proud of being a doctor and has no problem with being considered a diva. She is close with her mother and credits her with her success.

ALI Age: 24

Occupation: Model

St. Louis, MO

Education: Associate's Degree, St. Louis Community College

Ali is a model who has worked as a ring girl for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. She describes herself as "stunning" and believes her beauty helps her get her way, but also causes people to instantly dismiss her -- which she plans on using to her benefit in the game. Ali used to be a wild, party girl. She celebrated her 21st birthday with Motley Crue in Las Vegas. But now she treats her body as a temple. She has strong religious beliefs and has settled down with her boyfriend, a UFC fighter. She claims to have a 75% accuracy rate with shotguns and is experienced in fishing. Ali considers herself ambitious and caring, but also forgetful and prone to road rage. She plans on using her beauty and brains to outsmart other players.

BOBBY Age: 25

Occupation: Restaurant manager

Philadelphia, PA

Education: B.A., Penn State

Bobby loves games, competing and winning, though you may not know it from his low key exterior. He's a hardcore fan of "The Mole" and used to host "Mole" viewing parties in his basement. He knows the game well and has a solid strategy to form coalitions with less intelligent players whom he can lead astray. Bobby feels that being selected as a player on "The Mole" is the fulfillment a lifelong dream, and that also being gay, his "gaydar" -- the ability to recognize other gay people -- will help him read others players in the game. Bobby considers himself loveable and generous, but also stubborn and vengeful. He used to work as a restaurant manager until recently, when his restaurant closed. Bobby feels his knowledge of the game guarantees him a spot among the final three players.

MARK Age: 42

Occupation: High school history teacher/soccer coach

Mukwonago, WI

Education: B.A., University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Mark is an extremely competitive high school soccer coach and world history teacher. He plays to win and has no tolerance for whiners. A huge fan of "The Mole," Mark has seen all the previous seasons and will be very intense and focused about playing the game. His only weakness is his family: Mark grew up poor, in a broken family, but his life turned around when he met his wife. He can get very emotional about his wife of 18 years and his three kids, whom he considers his life. He also has a fourth child on the way. Mark says he thrives on competition and being challenged, and has an IQ of 143. His strategy is to figure out an "end game," whereby he foresees a desired end and the most advantageous route for himself towards it, then does everything in his power to manipulate things in that direction.