You can expect four Sony action titles to blow up the high-def shelves this August. xXx: State of the Union, Half Past Dead, 7 Seconds and Maximum Risk will all be released on Blu-Ray on August 12. Each of these discs will be priced at $28.95 SRP. We have the cover art and full details on these discs below.


Agent Augustus Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson) returns in the sequel to the popular action/crime drama xXx, tasked again to find the next super spy. This time it's in the form of an imprisoned former U.S. Navy Seal Darius Stone (Ice Cube). Gibbons arranges Stone's release from prison and takes him to Washington, D.C. where his mission is revealed. Foreign soil is no longer the threat; this time it's national security right in the U.S. The corrupt Secretary of State and a former 4-Star general (Willem Dafoe) have formed a terrorist cell to assassinate the President (Peter Strauss) and overthrow the U.S. government. It is up to Stone to stop these traitors before they employ their diabolical plan.

Special Features

- Commentary with director Lee Tamahori and screenwriter Simon Kinberg

- Featurettes

- From Convict to Hero: The Making of xXx: State of the Union

- xXx: According to Ice Cube

- Top Secret Military Warehouse

- Multi-Angle Featurettes with MX technology

- Storyboards

- Pre-visualization

- Green screen

- Finished film

- VFX Commentary

- Video Introduction to Bullet Train breakdown by director Lee Tamahori

- Easter Egg: Boat Chase

- Deleted Scenes


When FBI Agent Sasha Petrosevitch (Steven Seagal) goes deep undercover to discover the whereabouts of notorious crime boss, Sonny Eckvall (Richard Bremmer), he gets caught in a drug deal gone bad. In order to maintain his cover he must join his partner in crime (Ja Rule) in a sentencing to the recently opened Alcatraz. Run by the hard nosed no-nonsense warden (Tony Plana), this notorious institution lives up to its legacy. However even in this lock-down prison, things get out of hand. On the execution day of Lester McKenna (Bruce Weitz) - a well-known thief who allegedly stole and stashed over $200 million-a team of sociopath terrorists led by Donny Johnson (Morris Chestnut) descend on the prison. Their mission is to get McKenna to tell them where he hid the money. In the process they wreak havoc on the inmates, guards and everyone in between. Things look grim until Sasha and his fellow inmates join forces to take down Donny before Alcatraz becomes everyone's final resting place.

Special Features

- Commentary with writer-director Don Michael Paul

- "The Making of Half Past Dead" featurette

- Deleted Scenes


Wesley Snipes (The Blade Trilogy, Passenger 57) is Captain Jack Tolliver-an ex-Delta Force commando turned professional thief-whose most ambitious high-stakes caper goes horribly wrong. His well-planned armored car heist goes array when he's ambushed by a group of Russian gangsters. They kill most of his crew and kidnap his second in command. While Jack narrowly escapes, he grabs a silver briefcase with unknown contents. The action explodes as Tolliver attempts to rescue his friend and figure out what is inside the case - a case that the murderous mob will go to any lengths to retrieve.

No special features have been announced.


Alain Moreau (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a police officer in Nice, France who discovers that he has a twin brother when he is taken to the scene of his brother's murder. From there, this once upstanding officer is thrown into a world of corruption and violence as he traces his deceased brother's footsteps to New York and subsequently to the violent underworld of the Russian mob. Alain's desperate search to find out who his brother was with the help of his brother's girlfriend (Natasha Henstridge) becomes increasingly difficult as everyone who is near and dear to him winds up dead.

No special features have been announced.